Exotic Indoor Hemp THCa Flower – Purple Urkle 27% – Indica – 1 gram


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🌟 Purple Urkle 27% – Indica  🌟

Strain Type: Indica

Amount/Size: 1 gram

Flavor Profile: Prepare for a meteoric burst of flavor. Purple Urkle boasts a deep, rich grape-like taste with hints of earthiness. It’s like a cosmic infusion of deliciousness that soothes your senses.


  • 🚀 Deep Relaxation: Purple Urkle, with its Indica blend, takes you on a meteoric journey to ultimate relaxation. It’s perfect for unwinding and finding your cosmic zen.
  • 🌈 Starry Bliss: Experience a meteor shower of tranquility and serenity as the Indica bliss envelops you. This strain is your meteoric path to pure, peaceful euphoria.
  • 🌿 Creative Reverie: While it’s primarily Indica, Purple Urkle can still spark your creativity, making it an excellent choice for artists who want to explore their inner cosmos.

Visual Appeal: The buds of Purple Urkle are like gemstones in the night sky, featuring deep purple hues and a meteoric dusting of trichomes. It’s a sight that’s both captivating and enchanting.

Celestial Experience: As you indulge in Purple Urkle, you’ll embark on a meteoric journey through the galaxy of relaxation and creativity. It’s like finding a tranquil comet in the cosmic expanse, ready to guide you to tranquility and artistic inspiration.

  • Grown in the USA – Indoor
  • Less then 0.3 % delta 9 THC.
  • Cold cured to preserve terpenes and cannabinoid profiles.
  • See lab report HERE


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